Aluminium honeycomb core applications

Corex aluminium honeycomb core applications include many industries, from architecture to trains. We are led by a customer-focused, professional team, committed to finding the perfect solution for your project. Our dedicated Research and Product Development Team, onsite production and testing facilities are home to a skilled engineering department capable of applying learned processes to fulfil any project needs.

The two principal characteristics of aluminium honeycomb – high strength coupled with lightweight mass – make it suitable for a world of applications. Comparable to all core materials, aluminium honeycomb is designed to sit between two skins to create a sandwich panel. In creating distance between these two skins and preventing them from moving a huge mechanical advantage is gained in the resulting rigidity of the panel but with minimal increase in weight.

We pride ourselves in seeking solutions collaboratively with our customers, working in conjunction with a wide range of businesses in the UK and globally.

Corex Honeycomb has been involved in many exciting projects including: The London Eye, Heathrow Personal Rapid Transit Pods and the Hitachi Class 800 train, all working alongside TRB Lightweight Structures and The Berkeley Hotel canopy, working with Bellapart, Spain.


  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Galley & Sanitary Modules
  • Energy Absorbers
  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Dividing Panels


  • Interior Panels & Partitions
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling & Flooring Panels
  • Hulls & Bulkheads
  • Doors


  • Building Facades
  • Ceiling and Flooring Panels
  • Clean Rooms
  • Furniture


  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Flow Straightening (Air & Liquid)
  • Light Diffusers
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
  • Sacrificial Beds (Laser & Water jet)


  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Military Vehicles
  • Access Ramps
  • Caravans and Motorsport
  • Energy Absorbers

Wind Turbines

  • Rotor Blades
  • Turbine Cladding
  • Mould Construction

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