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Aluminium honeycomb for Automotive & Road Vehicles

Aluminium honeycomb for Automotive & Road Vehicles: Corex aluminium honeycomb is suitable for use in a variety of automotive applications including cars, buses, commercial vehicles and Motorsports, including Formula 1 and touring cars.

Within this sector, our aluminium honeycomb is applied to interior and body panels, spoilers, floors, chassis components, wings, diffusers and energy absorbers. Its lightweight capabilities and high strength reduces the vehicle weight and fuel consumption, which enhances performance whilst enabling the chassis to retain its strength and rigidity.

Corex Honeycomb also manufacture ‘SuperFlex’, our flexible aluminium honeycomb which has excellent formability and is easier to use around shaped surfaces.

As a sponsor of Formula Student for many years we have supported various university racing teams, including Bath, Cambridge, and Coventry, UK and Wisconsin (USA). The team we currently sponsor is Oxford Brookes Racing (OBR), who use Corex aluminium honeycomb in the chassis of their racing car.

We are sponsoring OBR again in 2020, making it the third year in a row. Oxford Brookes University specialises in Motorsport and their team has been the top UK team more times than any other university. However, this year is a little different as after a long and successful history of combustion entries, the team will be making the move to electric for the 2020 season.

We have also worked on the Heathrow Rapid Transit Pod project with TRB Lightweight Structures; this is an ultra -lightweight, electric, unmanned vehicle which transports people from the business car park to Terminal 5, via a guide way. The chassis and the floor of the pod are made of composite panels that contain aluminium honeycomb, which result in a strong, lightweight structure.

Working with MCT Engineering we provide aluminium honeycomb for the automotive industry, especially Motorsports, read more here.

We can now provide our customers with a range of Nomex® and Kevlar® aramid paper honeycomb core, working with Schutz Cormaster . Nomex® and Kevlar® are aromatic polyamides or aramids developed by DuPont™. Nomex® is a flame-resistant material known for its exceptional durability and rigidity; Kevlar® is a heat-resistant fibre with very high tensile strength, known for its ability to withstand high impact. Both are suitable for automotive applications.

Polypropylene honeycomb core for Automotive & Road Vehicles

Corex Honeycomb distributes Tubus Waben polypropylene honeycomb, which is an ideal alternative component for any lightweight assembly. One benefit is that traditional honeycomb is assembled from hexagonal shapes but Tubus Waben manufacturers polypropylene honeycomb with circular cells, which can accept forces from various directions and still maintain their shape, this results in high strength but extremely low weight. The acoustic level in the interior of vehicles can also be optimised. These qualities makes it suitable for Commercial vehicle construction and Automotive applications.

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