Jun, 2022
Category: Exhibitions

The ILA (Innovation in Leadership and Aerospace) Berlin Air show 2022 is scheduled to run from June 22 – 26 at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport in Germany. ILA Berlin, which is one of the biggest worldwide aviation events takes place this year under the slogan #PioneeringAerospace and will not be an event to miss. Corex Honeycomb (a division of Encocam Ltd) have already arranged their visit to the expo.

Mehrdad Asadi (Expert Engineer – Energy Absorbers) and Elinor Seeman (Sales Manager) will be at the show to promote Corex Honeycomb’s products and services, with a strong focus on energy absorption.

Corex Honeycomb has recently worked on several projects where energy absorbers were required for aerospace and space applications. We offer a full range of products and services, which include the following.

Test Facilities & Computer Modelling

The ILA show encompasses the entire scope of the aerospace industry, to include Aviation, Space, Suppliers, Advanced Mobility and finally Defence & Security sections. ILA Berlin will be an amalgamation of representatives from Governments, Armed forces, Science and Business to name a few.

This event provides an opportunity for Corex Honeycomb to promote their products and services to the aerospace/space industry. Should you be interested in meeting up at the show or want further information on any of our products and services, please do contact